In simple terms, a brochure is a type of leaflet that features printed information. People mainly use two types of brochures – the bi-fold ones and the tri-fold ones. A bi-fold brochure is printed on both sides and then folded twice while a tri-fold brochure is printed also on both sides but folded three times. Individuals, businesses and organizations use brochures for numerous purposes. Their main use is in providing information to as many people as possible.

An appealing brochure cannot only educate your target audience but can also give great credibility to an individual, company or organization. That is why it is important for you to have the right brochure designs. Here are a few tips that can help you make that possible.

1. Come up with a strong concept and structure

Before you even begin creating your design, you should come up with a concept of the brochure. Determine the main purpose of the brochure. Is it to offer information on your company, your products or services? Is it an invitation to an event, a seminar or conference? Do you want to educate the public on certain issues? The purpose of the pamphlet will have a major bearing on the design. Write down the exact words you need to be in the pamphlet and choose a structure that will accommodate them comfortably.

2. Use headlines and images

For your brochure to be effective, you need to arrange it in a simple way that will give people an easy time to read all the information it contains. No one will want to read a massive block of small text in a tiny piece of paper. Use headlines when you change a topic or line of thought. Use bullet points to highlight the main points. Make use of charts to show figure and explain data. Pictures speak a thousand words thus use images liberally.

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