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One of the most common complaints of small business owners is that they do not have the budget for advertising. While that is usually true, that does not mean you cannot get your message out there, and reach thousands of interested readers with the information you would like them to see.

The answer lies in publicity and media, and if it is done correctly, it is both free, and the perfect way to generate interest in your company, site or product.

The most common and well known way to generate media interest in your company, product, or service is to write a press release. You might not realise it, but most print and online news and media platforms are constantly on the lookout for free content, and most are willing to publish press releases about topics that relate to their niche. This is a free service, and since news outlets have high readership, including other news outlets and journalists, it is a great way to build buzz.

There are a few things that need to be borne in mind about press releases though. First, they are not advertisements. They have to be newsworthy in order to be treated as press releases, and they usually have to be written in a third party, objective style that presents the facts – not as sales copy!

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